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OpenSea and MagicEden bidding automation

100% automated bidding bot

NFT Butler is always getting faster and easier to use. Unfair advantage with 8000 bids/h on OpenSea. Automatically counterbid your competitors. MagicEden bidding is also supported!

Fast, secure and easy-to-use

As easy to use as playing a song on Spotify. With automated looping and dynamic filters, manual user interaction is reduced to a minimum. Create tasks and let them run forever.
Fast, secure and easy
Control your bids and automate it

Instant Counter Bidding

Getting outbid by other bots? We have the solution: Instant Counter Bidding. Defend your bids with 1200bids/h (PRO Members up to 3600bids/h) - so you're always the highest bidder!

Professional trader community

Join a community that flipped thousands of NFTs since December 2021. Recurring educational events to keep you posted about the newest Releases and how to get most out of NFT Butler. Join us on Discord!
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